Writing Songs Without Instruments

When I was younger, I did not know how to play any instruments so I only listened to the accompaniment in my mind. I added this experience into the novel I am writing and wrote the following song.

 The sun is high
 Stark shadows shooting across eyes
 Like they could tell me the time  
 The breeze is smooth 
 like your skin painted with a reddish hue
 Warmth drawing me to you
 Now all I have is a little while
 To Impress this moment in my mind’s eye
 And play it back whenever 
 The dock is bright 
 Your chest rising with the gentle tide 
 Your breath tangled in mine
 This flutter is new
 Lying here with the rarest of view 
 almost making me blue
 That a moment here and then you’ll leave 
 Impossible to believe 
 we are lying here together
 But there’s nothing making you stay
 And there’s nothing I’m holding 
 worth taking you away
 The sun sinks slow
 Soon your perfect warm eyes will show 
 but you’ll never know
 That I watch my fingers reach out 
 Under my touch there’s no doubt 
 I’ll cherish this forever 

Here is a video showing the very UNglamorous recording session.

A little background behind this recording studio: I used to sing directly into my Mac computer which never yielded very good results. My amazing band director got me this microphone for my high school graduation and every time I use it, I never forget his generosity and thoughtfulness.

I prerecorded chords so I could stay on key and used a metronome for consistency. Also, my home was super cold so I wore my puffy fleece sweatshirt (very attractive, I know.)

Photo by Sindre Strøm from Pexels

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