Finding Inspiration In Other Artists

The Lonely Man

One of my favorite songs is Johnny Cash’s version of Sting’s I hung my head. I love the simplicity of the structure and music of the song, the focus is on the story. Of course, everything is made better with Cash’s emotive, gravelly voice.

I wanted to write a song like that. I hope you hear it in The Lonely Man.

I think I wrote the first verse and chorus to this song back in 2011 or 2012. It definitely started with me fiddling around with my guitar. I eventually wrote the second verse and chorus before I stopped writing music. I would always sing this song to myself, but I knew it needed a third verse and conclusion. This was the first song I completed when I started writing music again.

He shares his soul with whatever he finds
covering walls with vacancy signs
discards the feelings that make him alone
with a run-of-the-mill chest to house lost hopes

Now all he sees
is the smile that haunted 
all his dreams
and all over again
his heart breaks
his heart breaks

trouble drew near with each new day
blowin' in the wind with her amber waves
she kissed his face before he left
silently hiding the tears she wept

now in the quiet of the night
he reads her words through 
eyes cold and tired
and all over again
his heart breaks
his heart breaks

The ghost of his breath still on the pane
watching her smile in the frosted rain
a love so great he had ever felt
but her heart so longed for someone else

Now if he reads her words again
he can see the love she felt for him
and all over again 
his heart breaks
his heart breaks

Cover photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

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