Thoughts On Patreon Assembly

I started following Patreon JUST in time to be alerted to its first ever live stream conference. I am so glad I did as I was familiar with several of the panelists (Paul Scheer whose podcasts I have listened to for several years now.)

Sadly I have not watched the whole conference yet since my husband and I had plans, but I wanted to share a few take-aways I found interesting (mostly from Paul and his co-panelist Whitney Cummings)

First takeaway: Just because your idea gets shut down, doesn’t mean it is bad. Paul dropped some pretty big names in comedy with which he produced content several years back. Each idea sounded hilarious (my husband was listening from the other room and was laughing as he heard the comedy pitches.) After explaining the premises, Paul went on to say that these ideas were all shut down by producers for very silly reasons. Knowing how popular Paul’s comedy is now, I am thankful he did not give up after those set-backs.

Second takeaway: There are some people who live for the reaction, not the process. Whitney made a point to say that she is not as enthralled with the comedy writing process, but more interested in the reaction from the audience. She lives for the response. While I love writing music, I do find myself desperately seeking the finish line which I worry can lead to dissatisfaction or that horrid line: now what? I felt better knowing I was not alone in the feeling and that someone as accomplished as Whitney would experience those same feelings.

I plan on listening to the conference as I especially want to hear Patton Oswalt.

If you took part in the conference, what were some of your take-aways? What did you think of Gabbie Hanna’s performance?

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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